Warning Payment Cheating

Dear value customer,
With reference to the considerable increase on a national and international scale of fraud and unauthorised access to computer systems, scams and money laundering, impersonation and identity theft, we are sending you this extremely important notice to provide you with the following information. Considering the growing capabilities of professional hackers and criminal associations operating in the field of financial cybercrime, we wish to point out, even as a mere possibility, that these people could feasibly send you e-mails with the domains of Fornaroli Polymers SP ZOO (fornarolipolimeri.pl) and of Fornaroli Polymers SP ZOO (fornarolipolymers.pl) making urgent requests for the payment of money using methods and on conditions that differ from those expressly agreed between us, or specifying bank details (such as the IBAN/SWIFT code) that do not belong to our companies, and containing attachments and commercial and tax documents that are counterfeit and merely similar to those owned and used by us. These e-mails can be easily recognised by focusing on some aspects found in them, including, by way of example, the unusual nature of the request, text written in incorrect Italian and grammatical structures improperly used, and signatures at the bottom using names that do not actually exist. The commercial agreements concluded between us, including the deadlines and the related payment methods expressly agreed, remain unchanged, as also have our bank details Fornaroli Polymers SP ZOO and Fornaroli Polymers SP ZOO use state-of-the-art computer security systems but, in case you should receive unusual e-mails having the characteristics just mentioned, seemingly originating from our domains, we ask you not to act on them in any way and to promptly notify us by contacting our registered office or your sales contact person, so that we can carry out the appropriate investigations and, if necessary, take the necessary steps to report the matter to the Postal and Communications Police. Accordingly, we will be happy to receive any feedback you may wish to send us regarding the above. Kindest regards.