Fornaroli Polymers Sp ZOO

DISTRIBUTIONIntegrated logistics

Safety, speed and respect for the environment are guaranteed by our warehouses used for the storage of polymers and liquid chemicals.

Each material shipped from our warehouses is labeled and correlated with the certificate of analysis corresponding to the lot number on the packaging for proper traceability. The storage and packaging operations take place in compliance with safety and environmental standards while the equipment and tanks are always cleaned to prevent potential contamination. We offer high quality packaging as well as very fast times. In addition, the integrated logistics operations allow you to always be updated on the status of orders.


LOGISTICSThermoplastic polymers

Our warehouses are equipped with specific structures suitable for receiving both bulk materials, to be specifically stored in special silos, and packed ones, in order to offer our customers any material, both in granules and in powder, packaged in the type of packaging requested adapting every package to be the most suitable for the specific material. We are equipped to be able to handle and pack in the following packages.

25 kg bags on pallets
Big Bags with internal liner on pallets
Cardboard octabins with internal liner on pallets
Tanker specific for the transport of thermoplastic polymers in granules or powders

CUSTOMER CAREAll the assistance you need

Our customer assistance service is responsible for providing, in addition to all the necessary commercial information, also the complete technical documentation of each material: from safety data sheets to all declarations, always updated, according to the various regulations in force. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us ametikos@fornarolipolymers.pl