Koblend® PE/PS

Koblend® is the trademark of Versalis styrenics blends of PS-PE and PC-ABS made both in natural and colored version.

Koblend® P 477E is obtained starting from the compounding of polystyrene and polyethylene with a formulation based on Versalis’ proprietary know-how.

Koblend® P 477E combines easy processability with high impact resistance even at low temperatures and excellent chemical resistance to stress cracking from oils, fatty foods and chemicals, such as polyurethane foams expanded with cyclopentane or blowing agents such as CFC and HCFC .

The chemical nature of Koblend® P 477E is perfectly compatible with polystyrene, allowing for the recovery of scraps and the recycling together with polystyrene.





Koblend® P 477E can be normally extruded in sheets using common extrusion lines.

Koblend® P 477E can be generally processed with a melt temperature around 200°C – 230°C.

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