Europrene Latice® 

Versalis produces HSL, XSBR e NBR latexes with the trademark Europrene Latex®

High and low solid content HSL latexes (HSL and LSL) are random copolymers of styrene and butadiene that cover a wide range of stiffnesses.

XSBR, styrene-butadiene carboxylates latexes, are among the most widely used elastomers worldwide. They are used in a wide variety of applications that contribute significantly to improve our life quality.

NBR latex is an acrylonityl-butadiene latex with a low solid content (35%) and excellent resistance to oils.






Elastomers Portfolio



HSL latexes are used for the production of molded foams (pillows, mattresses, toppers), carpet foams, adhesives and bitumen modification. Europrene Latice® B 010 is characterized by a very high styrene content and can be used as reinforcing additive for other latexes or alone in specific applications such as saturation of fibers for footwear.

NBR latexes are used to obtain articles used in oil resistant applications.

XSBR latexes are used for paper and cardboard coating, paper saturation, adhesives, carpet backing, fabric impregnation and needled felts.