Starting from sustainable and circular raw materials such as vegetable oils and by-products of the agri-food industry, Versalis produces Bio based elastomers that are part of the BALANCE® product family.
Products as BR, EPDM, TPR, ESBR, SSBR, NBR are available in Bio-based version.

Depending on the product, the share of Bio based content ranges from 50% to 100%, certified according to the ISCC+ scheme.

BALANCE® elastomers have the same technical and processability characteristics as standard grades produced from fossil sources, therefore, when switching from a fossil to a Bio-based product, it is not necessary to carry out new certifications.


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The production of Bio-based Elastomers of the BALANCE®  family makes it possible to contribute to the circular economy model, since the bio-naphtha used to produce these  products derives from waste or by-products of industrial processing of organic substances (e.g. exhausted oils and fats) and does not impact on the food supply chain.